Folk for Refugees wants to unite the folk music and arts community around a common cause; helping desperate people.

This project was triggered by the realisation that a vast number of folk artists have written songs – even entire albums – about the experience of refugees.

At a time when the issue of refugees attempting to cross the English Channel is becoming increasingly politicised, and refugees are frequently referred to in dehumanising or polarising terms, we wanted to allow the folk community to do its thing: be human, be kind, be supportive.

Our plan is to release a compilation album of specially recorded and existing tracks on the theme of the refugee experience. The CD will be available through the usual distribution channels, and will also be sold on this website and at supporting festivals. 

Everyone – festivals, venues, clubs, artists, morris sides and audiences – is able to support Folk for Refugees in several simple ways.

See the Get Involved section for how you can help.