The Long Walk Home

Walking in the company of folk musicians including Eliza Carthy MBE, fellow fans and walkers, participants in The Long Walk Home will raise money for the DEC Ukraine Appeal through donations and sponsorship.

We will leave somewhere on May 13th, arriving in Robin Hood’s Bay (Eliza’s home) on May 19th.

“The significance of a “long walk home” can’t be lost here. My home is Robin Hood’s Bay, where the walk will end, and we will be able to play our traditional folk music along the way.

The desperate families walking at this very moment are hoping for home, and carrying their culture with them even as someone tries to put it down.

We’ll walk and sing and play in solidarity with them, doing our very small part to highlight their troubles and hopefully make our people in power realise that our home can be theirs too, for as long as they need it.” – Eliza Carthy MBE

Every day, we will join local musicians to share tunes, drinks and stories about our journey. Daily distances will be 10 – 15 miles.

Full details are being finalised right now, but you can register your interest on the form below and we will be in touch VERY soon.